Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Day

Wedding Day has finally arrived!
Jared's mother, Keri, had a special flag made for them to fly on their special day.

We arrived at the lake house early to prepare for the big day.  We hung the 'bunting' and got the tables set up.  Emily wanted to use my vintage tablecloths for the tables.  Each table had a different tablecloth.
Everything felt very festive!

Centerpieces were added...the day was a bit windy, but it wasn't blowing 'gale force' as it had been the day before!

Jared's dad arrived at 5:00 am to put the food on the smoker.  Brisket, sausage and a full pig!

The bride heading to the ceremony.

I gave Austin my camera during the ceremony.  I think he captured a few good moments.

Jared's Parents

Lauren reciting a poem.

I think Austin's done with it all!

The cupcake stand being put to good use!

Austin was ready to eat the cupcakes before we ate anything else.

Jared had a special dance time with Lauren.

But, Lauren had her own dance partner!

I had my own special time with Jared.

Cake time...

Tossing the garter.

The "next" wedding?

Time to finally sit and relax.

I don't think there was one morsel of food left!

I didn't always have my camera with me, so this is just a short snap shot of a very special day.  Hopefully there are more coming for other people who were able to capture many more moments that I did!
Till tomorrow,

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

How wonderful! I wondered how you held down the tablecloths and then I saw the votives weighing them down. Good idea. I like how you put the double table cloths to make the tables uniform yet use the vintage toppers. (I love those vintage tablecloths too.) I see Jared's boutonniere looking very cute as expected, and also Emily's sash. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom and may they always remember this day with great pleasure. Happily the sun shone! You were such a good Mom! Now you need a rest.