Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach Break and Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat

I've been busy, busy...but Peter and I were able to take some time away to get to the beach this past weekend.

A great book an umbrella and endless beach.  No one could ask for a better weekend!
A small cool front blew in, so the temperatures were on the cool side and no humidity! PERFECT!
We were also able to re-connect with a young woman we have not seen for 29 years!
It was a very sweet reunion and I was happy to be able to attend her birthday party this past weekend.

Coming up in June...I've signed up for the Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat!  I'm so excited to be able to hang out with other artists and learn some new techniques, make new friends and spend some time with my sister!   
I'm really looking forward to some of the challenges and swaps that will be happening.  One of the challenges has to do with a Velveeta Box!

The challenge is to make something out of a Velveeta Cheese box. (2 lb size)  It can be anything decorative or utilitarian.  The main rule is that the bottom of the box (brown corrugated part) must retain its form so that it will still be recognizable as a Velveeta box.  You can cut holes in it, or take it apart and reassemble as long as it keeps its shape and app size.  The lid can be used or not and can be cut up to use in any way.  The lid should be incorporated into the design, not a separate item. 
The boxes will be voted on at the retreat then sold through a silent auction with donations going to Tina's Scholarship Fund.

Here's a sneak peek of be revealed at the retreat!

I'm also participating in a couple of the other swaps...

The Inspiration Board Swap,
The Apron Swap
and the Altered Box Swap.

I've been spending every afternoon in my sewing room...creative juices flowing.

I've also working been working on a couple of  "bags" that
  my sister and I will use to carry our supplies to class.
Of course, I think our supply bags should have a "Cowgirl" theme!

And...last but not least, I've been working on some new purse ideas.
I'm hoping to have some things ready to put in the shop by this weekend...

I only need some more hours in the day!!!

Till tomorrow...

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