Monday, May 2, 2011

Farmersville - Sugar Hill Cafe

Occasionally, after church on Sunday, we will drive over to Farmersville, TX to eat at Sugar Hill Cafe.
It makes for a nice Sunday drive across Lake Lavon and we usually end up driving in the country along the back roads to return home.

Jean, the lady who started this restaurant used to own the Opera House in McKinney.  (It is now Rick's Chophouse and the new boutique hotel in McKinney.)  Jean moved her restaurant to Farmersville several years ago. 
I always loved the ambiance of the Opera much so that I had one of my birthday parties there!

Sunday's menu is always a Buffet (you cannot order off the menu on Sunday.) 
There is usually three to four kinds of meat, vegetables and always sweet potatoes (with praline topping.)
There is a salad and fruit bar, soup and bread plus at least three to four kinds of dessert.

The food is down home...and this last Sunday I would give the food 4 stars out of 5.  (It's been hit or miss the last few times we were there.)
The dining room is large and can accommodate a lot of people.

The buffet area is not large, and I have not seen a large crowd there on any of the Sunday's we've been for lunch.  Most of the diners we in groups of four or more looked like they had just come from church to have an enjoyable lunch together.
You need to NOTE:  When the food is gone on Sunday...that's it!

There is a separate patio area, but I think it's strictly for large and/or private parties.  I've never seen anyone using this room (except a squirrel family on one occasion when I was there!  The staff were frantically trying to figure out how to evict them!) 

The large building that houses the restaurant also houses the Shops at Sugar Hill.

The shoppes appear to be run by many small shop owners housed under the one roof.

There were lots of great things to look at, and the area is quite large. I didn't feel like each vendor was right on top of their neighbor, and it was a pleasant shopping experience.

Of course, the big display of red in the middle drew me right in!  What is it about red that just makes me happy?

These great old suitcases were less than $50 each.

I loved this little egg crate filled with spring blooms.

Farmersville, as a whole, is in process of re-inventing itself.  Many of the buildings are being rehabbed and updated. 

This building has recently been brought back to it's former glory and it has been beautifully done, both front and back.

While browsing in the shoppes after lunch I met a lovely lady that told me about the Bain-Honaker House located around the corner from Sugar Hill Shoppes.  It's owned by The Farmersville Historical Society, who are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of this historic house (which is located on College Street in Farmersville, Texas.) I did not ask the ladies name, but she was very passionate about the house and the happenings there!  She must be a spokewoman...she got me to drive by.

The house looked like it was well kept and I loved the wooden sidewalk leading up to the door.

The wooden sidewalk also extended across the front of the house along the street.

There were also several historic homes nearby...
I love this one!!!

This home had a historical marker noting their historical significance to the community.  The Farmersville Historic district is not as large as McKinney's, but there were some very lovely homes that have been restored.

Of course, there was one property nearby...I thought at first they had added a screened in porch to enjoy our mild Texas Spring.  But was for their chickens!  Must say, I had to laugh out loud!

So...if you're looking for a nice Sunday drive, with an enjoyable lunch to should head to Farmersville on Sunday.
Sugar Hill Cafe is also open during the week and you can order from the menu.  I have not been for a weekday lunch in awhile, so I can't speak to what's on the menu anymore.
My husband says it's a "ladies" place.  It does have the air of a Tea Room, but it's a fun destination.
There are also several antique shops on the square, but they are not all open on Sunday's.
Next weekend (May 7th) Farmersville will be hosting their Farmers and Fleas Market.  It's a combination of Farmers Market and Flea Market featuring fresh produce, plants, food, crafts and more.
It's held at the Onion Shed in downtown Farmersville.
I have not been to their Market...but you might look for me!  Maybe I'll make a Saturday drive to Farmersville!

Tomorrow...I'll take you along on our (long way) drive home.
Till then,

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Beth Barton said...

Great post! I love all the shots. The Opera House was a favorite of mine too. They had a Chicken Fried Salad (I think that was the name) that was fantastic.