Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat - More work to do

The Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat is fast approaching.  I have sequestered myself in my sewing room getting ready for the many swaps and trades that will be happening that weekend.

One of the activities we can participate in while in Waxahachie will be an exchange of tokens of friendship.  We will swap tokens as we meet new friends and reacquaint ourselves with old friends.

I had an idea of what I would create my "tokens" from...shells that I collected from the beaches of Pensacola.  I knew exactly what I wanted my tokens to look like and set to work creating them for the "cowgirls" I will meet that weekend.

Since my sister and I will also exchange friendship "tokens" she came over and "blinged" the token she already received from me so it would stand out and be highly personalized!  (I personalized mine also!)
She is now working on her friendship tokens, so I'm sure I'll "hype" mine up before we get to the retreat!

I've finished my Inspiration Board for the swap...

my apron is finished, and my box swap project is in process...

For each of the art classes that weekend there is a list of supplies we each need to bring with  us.  I had an idea to create a bag we could haul all our supplies to class in, so I began work on a bag for each of us.
I have completed my sister's bag...

I used oil cloth for the inside so it can be easily cleaned, and for the outside I used vintage linens, trim and buttons.

My bag is still in process...

I had an old piece of cowgirl fabric from another project, so we each have a cowgirl decorating our bag.

Now you know, we can't just throw our supplies into our bags all willy-nilly, and I knew we needed some kind of container to hold our items.
I spotted these little "gems" strewn about the lawn when  my husband was working on the new deck area.

I snatched them up all the while thinking they were the perfect size to fit in our bags and hold the smaller suppliess we will need to take along with us to the retreat.

I decorated the tops of the plastic boxes with scrap paper and bits of trim, then I used my
"big bite" to punch two holes in the top so I could affix the metal label holders.

I used small scrapbook brads to hold the metal piece to the box top. 

I decorated each box and have only to print the labels now.
The boxes are a perfect size and our bags will each hold two perfectly!
I have already begun to fill mine up with the items I'll need for class...can't wait!!!

Of course, in the midst of all this I have started working full time!  
The day after I began my full time schedule I was asked if I was interested in selling my purses in a local  boutique!  Really?
Once the all the details have been nailed down I'll let you know the shop name and location!

Well...I'm off to the sewing room!
But, even while sewing,  my brain seems to be working overtime with some new ideas.  
I have started working on a new collage' and I am hoping (with everything else to do today), I'll have a little time to work on my canvas.

Well, off to work.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day!
till tomorrow...

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