Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Before the Monsoon rains started last week we were working on finishing the new covered deck area (just the roof is new, the deck is left over from our old hot tub.)

I did decide to move my patio furniture outside under the cover and move my table and chairs onto the patio closer to the house.

There are still some things to do.  I want to hang curtains along the west side of the patio so they can be pulled to cover the sun shinning in when it begins to sink beneath the tree late in the afternoon.

I found these shutters at a gargage sale and Peter hung them along the one edge of the patio.  Same as the outside patio...the sun shinning in the late  fternoon gets really hot.  I can now close them and keep this area cooler so we can sit out here in the early evening.  Once my vine grows more it will take over the bare areas and give even more shade.

I have more pots to add that will give more color, but they were not dry! (I spray painted some old pots to give them a new look!)
I need to repace my old screen door, but that's another day!

Thanks to all the rain this spring this project has gone rather slowely, but my roses are going crazy!!
They fill both sides of the fence.

So much to enjoy outside....and thanks to Peter and Jared, I can sit outside and enjoy it all.

till tomorrow...

3 Cowgurls said:

Steph said...

I want to visit your patio and drink lemonade! :-)

Dennis Phillips said...

You can appreciate the beauty of your yard even more when you have an outdoor living space like this. You can appreciate your beautiful yard even more when you have an outdoor living space like this. Your deck looks great but it somewhat lacks appeal. How about you add sheer curtains? It will surely give your deck a clean and shady atmosphere.
Dennis Phillips @ Schafer Construction, Inc

debianne said...

Thanks, Dennis. I added some sheer curtains this last summer. I'll have to post some new pictures!