Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday Drive - Continued

Once we left Sugar Hill (Farmersville) we headed South on Hwy 78.  We drove along the East side of Lake Lavon down into Rockwall, through Heath and on over to Forney!
So many beautiful homes along the way...I could almost live in any of them!

Once we arrived in Forney we headed to the Jot 'em Down Antique Store and to the East Fork Mall.
The Jot 'em Down Store has massive quantities of large European furniture.  It is a huge warehouse filled with row up row of huge, oversized pieces of furniture.

I found this large "kitchen" piece...and I'm in LOVE!  I NEED to build a kitchen around this piece.

It is so massive...and all the drawers are already marked for me!

So many nooks, drawers, shelves...I need a plan!!!! (I think I need to convince Peter first!)

I didn't take too many pictures in the Jot 'em Down, but you can go to their website and check them out.  It's well worth the drive...especially if you are looking for that really special piece you won't find any where else!

The East Fork Mall is attached to the Jot 'em Down Store, so it's only a matter of wandering next door.  With it being a rainy, cold day...it was best to be inside!

I found this big stack of old luggage...again, reasonably priced for those looking for a vintage piece.

I found several stacks of plates that were this "greeny-blue color". (You can't really tell the color in this picture, but they lean toward turquoise!)  I told Peter I think I needed a whole set of these!  He rolled his eyes (what's up with that?)

But...I always gravitate back to the "real" blue dishes.  There is something so wonderful about a whole table set with blue dishes.  Maybe I need more blue?  (More eye rolling!)

Anyone need a honey pot?  This was just one area where they were displayed.  Again...there are many, many European antiques displayed throughout the mall.

Look who I found shopping! (I'm still looking for George Straight!)

We left Forney about 4:30 and headed back around the top side of Dallas.  Heading North again we ended up at Plano Antique Land.  I love the people there, they are soooo friendly!

I found these cute birdhouses made from Golden books.

How very cute and clever!

NOW, for those who ask me to specifically shop for you (you know who you are, Margritty!)
These are the only Tasmanian Devil glasses I saw!

And for those who are bargin shoppers...I saw these bowls in Plano for $89.  However, I saw them earlier in Farmersville for $35!  It's all about where you shop!!!!

Well, all in all it was a fun "Sunday Drive"!
till tomorrow...

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