Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy Women - Big Dreams

I'm hanging out over at Connie Mann's Blog today!  Come on over and meet Miss Connie who is a writer and a Boat Captain at Florida's Silver Springs Park in Ocala.  She looks very official when in her Captain's uniform...she's that little 'wisp' of a gal on the left!

I first met Connie about 15 years ago when her sister-in-law and I crashed a special anniversary dinner planned by her sweet husband!  He never knew RT and I were gathering all our "Intel" on time and location of the date because of our plans to crash their dinner.  I've known Connie's husband over 30 years...and playing "tricks" on each other is a long time history of ours!!!  Needless to say...Connie was gracious and kind at our busting up their date, and that was the beginning of our "kindred" friendship.

Connie has authored and co-authored several books.  Her most exciting news to date is that a movie has been made from one of her novels.  She and her son Ben were able to work on the movie project together and I'm just waiting to hear of a release date so I can be first in line to see "Catch of a Lifetime!"  There's a Facebook page to keep you posted about the movie, but I'll let you know the release date when I hear something!

Connie's current series Busy Women-Big Dreams will inspire you in your creative journey,  Whatever your creative "bend" you will enjoy her encouraging words and the inspiration you will find visiting with Miss Connie and her friends!

I'm hoping Connie will "come this way" and guest blog so you can get to know her better, but in the mean time head on over to her place and give her a big "howdy"!

Till tomorrow...

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Hollace said...

I so enjoyed your writing over on Connie's blog. Great interview. I keep reading about "the Artist's Way" in different blogs, but I have never read it, and now I am determined to do so. I really like your application of Phil. 2:13 to the creative process, and I also am going to print out your poem at the end for my fridge. Thanks!