Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat - Classes and Prom

Friday we were up and going early.  Our first stop was to the Civic Center to see where the classes were being held and check out directions.  Coming back we decided to take a "short cut".  Next think we knew, we didn't know "exactly"
where we were...but the Lord doth supply!

EVERYTHING at this little estate sale was on sale 1/2 price (or less)!
Don't tell Peter, but I bought these two posts for $6.00.  Looks like I'll be getting my kitchen island soon!!!

Once we got back on track we headed to downtown Waxahachie and did a little shopping. We started out in the Scrapbook store and never got out before it was time to head to class.  Sidney stayed at the craft store for her class and I headed to the Convention Center.

I began with a blank slate (so to speak).

All my necessary supplies were ready...

and here is the finished project.  It was fun to be with other creative people and talk about different mediums, techniques and share ideas.  It was a very energizing day (despite the fact I think I'm coming down with a cold!)

I picked Sidney up from her class and we quickly changed into our "prom" attire and headed back to downtown Waxahachie.  Dinner was at a local "hole in the wall" (Mexican food, of course.)
We opted to share the appetizer platter...buttermilk batter, deep fried avocados were the best.  (Hey, we're in Texas we love to fry everything!)

After dinner many of the downtown shops stayed open late to give our group shopping time.  With classes held all day long, it's hard to fit in some shopping therapy.

Here are some of the places we hit...

Of course we ended up at the Crafty Scrapper again to purchase a few "embellishments"!

Sidney already had her arms filled with purchases ( it's only one bag!)

Since Friday night was declared "Prom Night" it was fun to see the ladies roaming around town in their "Prom" attire.

We saw the restaurant that recently burned...very sad.  One of the local ladies said they would not be able to rebuild. 

We did spot an old Fallout Shelter that had been turned into a Karaoke Bar.  I don't think I've seen one of these signs in years!!

We were invited to join other families as they enjoy a move.  One of the main streets are blocked off each Friday and a "new" movie is shown.  You're encouraged to bring your own lawn chairs or a blanket so you can sit and enjoy the movie.  The young girl that invited us also said they had a concession stand available for drinks and popcorn.  The City of Waxahachie sponsors the movie night.  What a great way to bring the town together.  (AND...the movie was free!)  They were showing "Mega Mind"...Austin would love that!

Before heading out to our late night "cupcake" party at Polka Dots we took a little drive around (actually we were looking for Polka Dots and were tired of walking to find was not close!)

We spotted this sign at the Feed Store...couldn't help but laugh out loud!

Last stop...Polka Dots.  The other "Prom" attendees had arrived.

Cindy (leader of our Art Weekend) did a great job of making everything look beautiful for the party.

But all Sidney cared about were the "Frosting Shots"!  (She even took one back to the room with us!)

Last, but not least, here are Sidney and I in our "Prom" get up ready to party. We had a very enjoyable evening visiting with other ladies that up until this weekend we only knew online.

Well...this morning we're off to the pool for a little R&R...then begins more activities later today...I'll keep you posted.

Till tomorrow...

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