Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buchanan Market Weekend

I'm busy working on the last of the projects for my booth this weekend!
I got a coat of wax on the desk...aging the map a little more and sealing the rest of the black paint with a bit of a finish.

I love the maps on the drawers....especially being old Texas maps!

The top of the desk is blackboard paint (not waxed...just to be perfectly clear!)  A bit of chalk and a little imagination can set a child free to create!

My last "big" project was this table that I found along the curb many years ago.  I have enjoyed this table for a good many years...but it's ready for a new home!
I sanded the top of all old finish and lightly sanded the legs and side so as to make it appear more distressed.

I painted the sides with two colors, the top line with a light teel and the bottom with white.  I left the small "trim" around the middle the natural  mahogany color.

Once dried and cured for several hours I started my waxing with the Briwax.  The wax soaked in the raw wood strip, but went on very smoothly along the top of the paint.  Once is has a few minutes to dry, I begin buffing out the wax to a soft sheen.

The same technique was used on the legs of the table.  The wax sticks in the cracks and highlights the nooks and crannies of a piece of furniture.

The top of the table was taken down to the "raw" wood.  When applying the wax to the top it really soaked it up!  Before I began waxing I hand-painted a design along the edge in black craft paint.
(I found some flourish designs on the Internet and just copied what I saw!) 

The finished table.  The teel is almost indistinguishable, but noticeable.  I also dry brushed a little bit of the teel along the legs (before waxing) just to highlight the details.

The top of the table really soaked in the wax due to how dry the wood was, but it was worth the effort and elbow grease to get it to this soft buttery finish!

I think the finished project will find a perfect home this weekend! 

Still a few things to tidy up before we set our booth up tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by and visit with us this weekend at Buchanan's. (I've just been informed this link does not show this weekend as one of the Lewisville dates, but rest assured we are in Lewisville.  The address is the one listed on this website!)  I would love to meet each of you personally! 

Till tomorrow,

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