Monday, August 1, 2011

New Lighting

Things have been so busy around here...I know time has flown!!!  I could say I was taking a break because of the heat...but it's just been busy!

My girlfriend and I are starting a business and we have been crazy busy getting that going. (more on that later.)

In the last few months I have been on the hunt for something different in my kitchen nook.  I have wanted to change out the light over my table with a lantern.  I love the lantern look, but have not been able to find one I really like (or could afford!) 

I did find some lanterns at Re-Store, but they just didn't seem right.  There was only one bulb socket for each lantern.  I still think some cool things could be done with these (there are 13 at the store), but just haven't come up with a plan, as yet!!

This is the light fixture currently in my kitchen.  My daughter traded with me when she bought her house. (She wanted mine and gave me hers.)  I replaced the candle sticks with new wax ones, which I really liked. (The old ones were paper.)  It's been hanging there about two years, but was not my "first choice."

I bid on two lanterns at the auction this last Friday, but they went over my budget!  The bid was for two, but I was hoping to find two for a lower price.

Saturday we headed out to a big flea market in East Texas and sure enough...I found two that were the right size (and the right price!)

Of course, hanging two lanterns in place of one light fixture creates somewhat of a challenge...but I knew Peter could figure it out.  Who else would have the perfect piece of angle iron (and the right color) just waiting to be used in the garage?

Who else has the right tools for the job,

and the right idea to get it done?  Peter!!

Threading the cord through all those holes was the biggest challenge of the evening (not to mention the "heat" that is still high even in the late afternoon/evening.)

Peter got the two lanterns rewired and the wire threaded through the angle iron, then it was ready to go up! 
I put the light bulbs in to make sure they were just right!
TA-DA...of course it works!

I've completed several other projects in the last few weeks and I'll share more tomorrow!
till then...

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