Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Project Completed

In May, 2009 I told you about my Canton Shopping Cart.  I have used my cart on many a trip to Canton.  It is invaluable and can make all the difference when you are shopping the more than 100 acres of vendors!
I was recently contacted by Miss J inquiring if I would be willing to make a liner for her cart...but in another color?
Of course!

Today, I completed the project.  Miss J's wants to have the new liner for the next First Monday Trade Days at the end of this month.

I changed up a few adding a big pocket under the handle.  You can easily slide your small items into the pocket to prevent them from getting lost in the bottom of the cart.

I turned the loops into the inside of the cart and used Velcro to hold them in place so it would look more finished from the outside.

The small pink ribbons hold the front and back in place...but the best addition is a foam piece I placed in the bottom of the cart, between the two liners.  It never seems to first purchase in Canton always seems to be something fragile!  This will help soften the ride for the breakables as you bump along the roads at Trade Days.

I like the pink and yellow fabrics together.  I had three complimentary pieces, and used them all to finish the cart.  Hope Miss J is happy!  She'll be able to buy all kinds of goodies this month!

Happy shopping Miss J...
till tomorrow,

2 Cowgurls said:

Nancy's Notes said...

That is so pretty! Miss J will be shopping and stylin' at the same time! Lucky Miss J!

Have a great day!


Hollace said...

It looks great and will be so functional. I wish I could be in Canton to fill one up myself!