Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grocery Bag

I downloaded the pattern for this grocery bag awhile back, and finally made some time today to sew it up.
You can get the .PDF download for the pattern from Burda here.

Once you have the .PDF file downloaded and are ready to print the pages, be sure to check NONE in the Page Scaling box...otherwise you won't have a pattern that fits together nicely.

When you have your pattern taped together you are ready to begin.

The bag in the picture looks like it was made from shirting, or some other light weight fabric however, I chose a pretty striped drapery weight fabric, which I'll give you some hints about later.

The nice thing about the grocery bag is the fact it folds so nicely into it's own little pouch.

Now on that note, below is the flap side of the pouch.  All the edges are serged, but in making future bags I will be sure and finish this edge nicely, add trim and/or even add a snap.  This would have to be done before it's all sewn together. 

The second thing to note about this small pouch is the weight of the fabric you choose.  Since my fabric was much weightier than the fabric pictured, in the future I would need to make the pouch a little larger so I don't have to "fight" to get the bag shoved in back into the pouch!

The pouch is sewn right into the side seems, so you cannot lose's always there!

The bag is a nice size and I know it will come in handy for my future trip to the "fresh fish market".  (but more on that later!!!)

I have been on a mission lately to get rid of "useless" things.  I have become merciless in cleaning out my "spare" rooms.  Being an empty nester I find it's easy to fill the rooms up with excess "stuff".  I want to feel that I have space where I sew and create. 

I began earlier in the week working from the window side of the room.  I began by going through each drawer, cupboard, box, etc.  I started moving the stuff in the room that was not going to stay to just outside the door. 

Afer several days of work, I still have a few "piles" in the room, but those are mostly projects in process!

I found some unfinished items that I will complete before the end of the month and I prepared some new things that are cut out and ready to sew.  I hope to finish "National Sewing Month" strong...but now I have to clear away the doorway of all the stuff I carried out!  HA!

So, till tomorrow...

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

I am doing the same thing in my crafting/sewing/painting room. I've actually never had one before because we filled the house up with kids, but now I am an empty nester, too. Except the nest is rather cluttered with half done projects and bright ideas!
I am printing your paragraph about clearing stuff out and I am going to pin it on my 'inspiration' board.
Keep us updated (for more inspiration)!