Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Time flies...that's all I can say.
We flew to Florida earlier this month and attended a beautiful wedding for my friend's nephew.  It was a beautiful wedding and the ceremony was absolutely incredible.
Two young people who love the Lord with their whole touching!!!
What young bride is not absolutely beautiful and her young "knight" not handsome?
We had a perfect time and the best was spending time with by oldest (not in an age sense) BFF from college.  We've been friends almost 40 years, and I can only look forward to 40 more years of getting to know her heart and understanding who she is.  She is such a joy to spend time with and I always go away so thankful of such a rich friendship!

As for this week, I have the time off.  I have planned out my week for all the projects, sewing, painting, etc. that I want to get done (plus haul out the Christmas decorations.)  I was well on my way to completing the laundry today when I got the "Grema" call...could I watch the grandkidsl while mom and dad did some shopping?
End of my list and enter a  more of a "free form" time zone!

I actually had been thinking of a Thanksgiving project that the two of them could do together (hard to plan an activity for a 9 and 3 year old).  I searched the internet and found the perfect project. A Thanksgiving Turkey!
The turkey begins with paper towel/toilet paper rolls.  (Luckily I had been saving them for another project!)

We began by painting the rolls in fall colors.  Lauren chose orange, brown, yellow and red.

Next...they painted the rolls in the different colors.

I think Austin needed a nap, but he was actually more interested in when we were going to have a 'snack'.

I think the hardest part was waiting for the rolls to dry.

Once all the rolls were dry we cut 1/2 inch rings from each of the colors. Each turkey needs 9 rings for their feathers. 

Lauren wanted to paint the inside of each of the another drying period.  (By now we've lost Austin...he's moved on to play with the legos!)  While waiting for the feathers to dry we created our turkey body and the feet.  (Lauren also painted these.)

Once all the parts were dry we began building our turkey.

I used hot glue to glue the pieces together, so Lauren placed the colors in the order she wished hers to be so it would look perfect! Next came the turkey body and the feet.

Austin LOVED his turkey.

Lauren affixed the waddle, eyes and beak and hers was also complete.

This was not part of my "TO DO" list today, but spending time with the kids and talking with them while crafting is a priceless time, and I enjoyed the respite from my list!

Now to be completely open...this is not my idea!  I got the tutorial from a blog, ChildMade. Some really cute craft ideas for kids.
I've included a link to complete instructions on how to make this turkey, but she also has some other really cute ideas with paper towel rolls.  Lauren said she will next make a puppy from the rolls!  Looks like I'll be planning another craft day soon!

Till tomorrow...

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