Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lace Vest

I recently bought a really pretty lace vest.  Of course, as soon as my sister spotted it she wanted one too. 
Alas...that was not to be.  When we found one, it was either not in her size or it was not to her liking.  We searched long and hard, vest. 
I finally set aside some time this week to pull out my vintage lace pieces and see if I couldn't "fashion" something for her that she would be to her liking!
The large piece in the back of this picture is actually a dust ruffle I picked up in Canton for only a couple of dollars.

I started the project with the dust ruffle.  I cut a piece from the dust ruffle along the edge to become the bottom edge.  I added some more vintage trim around the middle of the dust ruffle to hold the pleats in place.

This crocheted piece is the perfect size for the back of the vest.

A dresser scarf is the perfect size for the middle section...

and some pretty lace doilies fit nicely for the front panels

Here is the back top and middle sewn together.  I also added some pearl buttons along the back edge.

Here is the top and middle sewn to the dust ruffle piece.

From the front shoulder pieces I used the two lace doilies.  I didn't have any "bling" for the buttons, so I used two vintage clip on earrings.  I'll have her find some "bling" she likes and keep my earrings...but for the photo it just needed a little something!

The finished piece turned out better than I imagined.

I'm sure my sister has the "perfect" shirt and pants to wear with her new vest!

Hopefully she's not reading this before Christmas!!!! (She's so nosey!)

till tomorrow...

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

This is so amazing. You have a fabulous antique lace collection and you are so generous with it. To say nothing of inventive! It is beautiful and I can imagine finding it in a boutique for beaucoup bucks! I don't know how you think these things up and find the time for them. I am truly in awe.