Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Sewing

It's been such a long time since I've done any baby sewing. I loved to sew for my girls when they were little!  I believe this is the first "baby" pattern I bought when I was pregnant with my first girl in 1979!!  What a long time ago.

I think this is still my favorite bib pattern.  I'd show you the bib I made then, but I believe it is at my daughter's house. Still looks brand new.

What brings all this on?  We're expecting a new grand baby in September!  We're all excited here, and I think it's time to create something new for our little one.
Since Emily LOVES vintage fabrics as much as I do I decided to start with my favorite remnant...a red geranium vintage table cloth.  There are only the edges left of this, the middle has a huge hole in it and was not usable.

I really want to make this bib reversible, so I rummaged until I found this pretty embroidered dresser scarf.  I love the little embroidered heart! 

The pattern is a quick and easy sew, the whole project took less than 2 hours.
Here is side one.

Another close up of the pretty embroidered heart.  I still have the other end of the scarf...maybe I can make some other baby "object" with it?

Here is the reverse side from the geranium tablecloth.

This side I added the little pocket along the bottom edge.

I also added buttons on the edge.  They don't work...just embellishments!

Having completed one, I felt inspired to make another one.
Again, I'll go with reversible.

 A little trim...

And maybe an embroidered name?'s a girl.  Emily and Jared are going to call her Olivia Anne.  I love her name, and am so excited to be welcoming another girl into our family!

Side two I completed with rick rack and buttons.

I think it turned out sweet.
Just the right gift for a little girl.

(Hopefully Emily is at work and NOT reading blogs!)

Till tomorrow,

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