Monday, June 25, 2012

Lauren's Headboard from a cast off door

Lauren has been wanting to make a headboard for her new bed since they moved out to the farm.
She stayed the week with us so she could attend camp and in the evening she got her grandfather "n board" to work on the headboard in the evenings.

Lauren had laid claim to the old door in my garage several months ago.  Her mother tried to "steal" it for the Chicken Coop, but NOPE!  Lauren already said she needed it for her special project.

Lauren and Peter took the first trip to Lowe's to pick up the trim items they would need.
Lauren specifically wanted the rope trim and had a detailed "vision" of how she wanted the bed to look.

She explained that she needed a shelf across the top to store some items.

And she wanted her shelf to be trimmed out with the rope detail.

Lauren also wanted lights to be attached to the headboard. (She likes to read in bed!)  That requred multiple trips to "various" Big Box stores to find "just the right lights"! 

Here is a shot of the finished edge with the light. 
Next step was to take the headboard to her house to paint. 
Ashley, Lauren and I made a quick trip to Bonham to pick out her paint color.  I think that was a harder decision than all the building decisions.  Too many shades of Turquoise to choose from!  (She also has a very specific vision for how she wants her room to look!)

Once she decided on  her color and got the headboard painted, she also wanted to add some detail work.  With some left over metal stars from another project, she nailed them to the headboard to create a half moon affect. (She didn't want them too random!)

Here is her final "vision" brought to life.

I think for a 10 year old she has a lot of style!

Great job!

Till tomorrow,

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SophiaSJM said...

Your granddaughter's ability to imagine something, share her vision, and then execute it with help from others is impressive! Look out world, here comes Lauren!