Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Before and Afters

Since moving in our house (13 years ago) I have been on a burn to change out the "builder grade" light fixtures.  I can say there are TWO less light fixtures left to change.  Most of the other fixtures seemed to go almost immediately.  It was easy to find replacements for bedrooms...they were all replaced with ceiling fans immediately!  The dining room and kitchen lights went next.  Others in bathrooms and hallways have also found their way to other venues! 

This "dinky" light is our patio light. UGLY!

I found this lovely lantern at the Army Surplus Store in Madill, OK!  Who knew?

I need a "cuter" light bulb, but I love the look!

Next absolutely UGLY light fixture is hanging in my entry way.  (Don't judge me on my dust!) It's just too ugly to even think about.  This spot needs something BIG and I just didn't want to pay big bucks to replace this with something BIG.

Again...Army Surplus store in Madill, OK...and they were 20% off!!! Less than $30.

Much better!
Hard to see when all the bulbs are burning...but it's still better than that gold monstrosity!

This project took a few days longer...I had to wait until "help" arrived to stand on the top of the ladder!  So thankful for B.J. and his ability to complete the job.

Last, but not least, is this garage sale find.  I have been using it in my sewing room to hold "stuff."
It also has that "shiny" finish that I do not want to sand and refinish.

Missing knobs and a scuffed up top still equals great storage.

I used my homemade Chalk paint again for this piece.  A little bit of distressing...and new knobs!
I love the look.

I think the black knobs finish the look!

It's such a great piece for storage.  I love the look.

Well, that was my July 4th weekend...and there is still so much to do!

Till tomorrow...

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