Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bluebonnets & Spring

All of Spring proclaims the hope God gives our heart...

"Look, the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air." Song of Solomon 2:1-12.This is my favorite time of's the time of year my yard erupts with blue...Texas bluebonnets! I'm sure it's a mixed blessing for my neighbors. They all love the flowers and the photo opportunities for their children, grandchildren and dogs...yes, dogs. But, to create all this lovely chaos I have to let the flowers go to seed at the end of the season. The bluebonnets have to be able to drop their seeds, which means they have to be allowed to get big, leggy and turn brown. It's usually several weeks before all the seeds drop, and it's an agonizing time to see my yard look so terrible and know the neighbors are probably cursing me at that moment.

The bluebonnets are a reminder of God's faithfulness...

"If God cares so wonderfully for flowers...won't He more surely care for you?" Matthew 6:30

I know God cares for me...even in my unlovely state! He sees me at my best and at my worst. He knows my heart and yet His love is constant and His mercies for me are new every morning...every single morning!

I put my trust in God and nothing is too hard for Him and He has much bigger goals for me than just solving my personal problems. He wants me to KNOW Him—and along the way that changes me!

"Your mercy and your love now fills my life, And I will never be the same again."

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