Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Much to be done...so little time!

Only 10 sewing days remain until our big McKinney Cowgirls Market.

We've have the decorations up and the house is in order (a few things left to put in place.) We shopped last week for a new stereo receive so we can have Christmas music playing in all the rooms during the event. A quick trip to Best Buy got us what we needed. Our favorite driver led the way...and along the way he picked up a hitchhiker! We were able to find what we needed pretty quick and head home to install the new equipment.

This week has been busy...not only with sewing but getting ready for Thanksgiving (which will be at my house.) So far there will be 23 of us!

This morning I worked on some small ornaments for the sale. I printed some vintage Christmas Cards onto canvas, stuffed them and stitched them up.
Once completed I cut out 4 new children aprons. Two of them I cut from new fabric and the other two I was able to cut from the "waste" of vintage tablecloths that were previously made into adult aprons. This one, below, ended up not having enough to cut the full apron, so I cut another top and pieced it to the bottom portion. I turned the front and back seams under,
and stitched rick rack over the front seam to hide the piecing. The edges were all trimmed with bias tape. I think it turned out really cute because I was able to piece more strawberries on top, otherwise it would have been solid white. Of course my granddaughter came by and decided immediately it was hers! No wonder I never have anything to sell! I'll have to hide what I've sewn when the family comes on Thursday!
Here are the other aprons I have cut out. I have all of them sewn together...just need the bias tape around the edges - then I'll have 3 more completed!I also have been doing some collage' work and various other art work on scratch board. I made this little German looking picture for my girlfriend and one for my husband.
I have been working on some really cute things...but with "someone" having a birthday on Monday - I can't reveal them until then!Still more to do...cooking and house wise for Thanksgiving....sewing wise for the Cowgirl Market! Till tomorrow!

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