Friday, February 20, 2009

More Projects

I've been working on a few more projects for Miss Janice. She purchased a couple of feather "lap quilts" at a flea market to use on her porch swing. I've already recovered most of her front porch furniture and this was the last project for that area (before we start on the back deck). I made a cover to stuff the two thin comforters into, giving it a really fluffy look that you want to sink into.

She saw a duvet cover at a local Antique Mall (price was over $225) that she really liked. It had the long flowing side panels attached to sides so they would hang down over the bed. It was a small cover you would use to store you down comforter in at the end of the bed. I could vision it sitting on a I added the side panels she liked, then added the little "lace slip" that peeks out from under the front swag.

I had enough left from the various fabrics to make a couple of pillows. I still have 2 more to finish, but I took this over to her house last night, along with her kitchen curtains.

For her kitchen curtains she wanted to use several different fabrics she already had and a couple of old tablecloths she picked up at Canton. I used a simplicity pattern where you choose the various pieces to create the curtain design.

For the pleated pieces I used a blue and yellow tablecloth. For the rounded pieces I used some tea towels she already had from another project sewn by her sister, Jennifer. The top header I cut from another white and yellow tablecloth with a border print. I used the border print to cut each of the headers so they would all match. She still wants to find some trim (see pattern) to trim each of the pieces, but till then...she wants to enjoy them! I'll have to post another picture once she finds her "perfect" trim. So far we've been several places, and no luck. We'll just keep looking until we hear something calling our name! Guess I have to keep pieces of the fabric in my purse so I'll be prepared!

I'm still working on my kitchen curtains and will work on figuring out how to hang them this weekend! I want to be finished so I can move on to the bedroom curtains....

Till next time,

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