Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Floor Project

There is another floor project going on at Miss Janice's house. Somehow I neglected to take a picture of the carpet pulled back in the room before we hauled it out...but here it is on the front porch. She bought the house in 2000 and the carpet was laid in 1985 (last time it was updated) so needless the say it was time.

She set up an appointment with a "floor" company to come out and give an estimate on new carpet vs. new wood floors. My husband was very opposed to new carpet. His thought was to keep the original feel of the house (meaning pine flooring.) After a $3,000 quote for "pretty wood floors"...my husband won out and the pine flooring was delivered and placed on the front porch on Friday.

Saturday began early with a trip to Home Depot to purchase the vapor barrier, stain and sealer for the floor. We had a "time table" and we were going to finish the initial process on Saturday!

First the barrier went down. Originally this room was a porch, then during WWII it was turned into part of an apartment to house families that traveled to McKinney to be near their men being treated in the local hospital. It's been a library since Miss Janice moved in...and she really wants it to have a western feel when we're all done. I'm busy recovering some cushions to go on a bench in the room once completed...but first the floor.

There were a few issues (the doors) but it will all work out in the end.

Cuts were made and the wood began to go down.

By dinner time they had the full floor laid and Mike and I began sanding. We wiped vacuumed and wiped down the floor...then the stain went down. By 9:50 we had completed stage 1 and 2. Another coat of stain was put on the floor on Sunday...then Monday morning and Tuesday morning a coat of varnish went down.
I was hoping to have more pictures, but I have "misplaced" my camera...so for now this will have to do. I will take Peter's "good" camera over this weekend and take the after pictures.
I did put down two coats of varnish - but the floor soaked it up and more varnish is needed...but Miss Janice is hosting a Bridal Shower this weekend and the room HAD to be put back into some semblance of order (the furniture was all in the hallway!!!)
Ashley and I spent all day on Thursday putting the furniture back in, hanging pictures and getting the room ready for the Bridal Shower this Saturday. I'll post the finished room and pictures from the shower!

Till then...debi

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