Saturday, April 4, 2009

Floor Project Continued has been found so I do have more pictures of the project. Guess I put it safely away in my computer bag...and promptly forgot! Oh well...found safe and sound and I'm happy!

These are pictures of Miss Janice's hallway. We took all the bookcases into the hall and the desk was pulled right outside of the glass doors (almost blocking the front door.) But, it was only for awhile (one week!)

The desk became our staging area for all the things we would need to finish the project! It was a mess.

Mike and Peter stapled the pine flooring to the plywood which was covering the old porch boards underneath.

Once it was all nailed down Mike and I sanded the floor and made sure it was smooth to the touch. Miss Janice wanted a border accent also around the edge of this room, so we taped an area around the perimeter to create a plain border. Mike went over the tape to make sure all the edges were down good so we wouldn't get any seepage under the tape with the stain.

We went with the same dark stain that is on all the floors in her house. She really likes the dark color and helps with the flow of all the rooms. I love the color...and actually is the same color we used when we refinished the wood floors in our old house!

It took until Monday to be really dry (lots of humidity here last week) so I laid the first layer of sealer Monday morning and didn't get the second coat on until Tuesday morning. (So much for a 4-6 hour drying time!)

This first layer went on really nice and I was pleased...but the second layer didn't go on as nice (according to BJ I didn't stir the sealer enough) so I'll have to put on another coat before we can put the quarter round down.

However...because of the Bridal shower on Saturday...most of the furniture was moved back into the room and I'll have to re do another coat next week (which means moving the furniture back out!) Oh and learn! of the "almost" finished room...and of the Bridal Shower!

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