Saturday, August 1, 2009

BIG Project - Weekend

We're still working on Miss Janice's bedroom and bathroom. The last couple of days we've pulled the carpet and padding out to reveal a floor in pretty bad shape.

Today was the big day to rent the sander from Home Depot and get it all cleaned up.

On Thursday we got the second coat of paint on the walls and the first coat of paint on the trim work in the bedroom.

We wanted to allow one full day for it to dry before we began with the sanding...and all the dust it makes!

The guys arrived with the sander and moved the large piece of furniture out of the room we'd been working around. Miss Janice finally found a consignment store that would take it to sell for her. They won't be able to pick it up until Tuesday, so it's been pushed into the hallway.

Here's one last look at the unfinished floor.

Here is it after a full morning (and into the afternoon) of sanding.

We are all thrilled with how well it cleaned up! Of course, the dust was EVERYWHERE!

But...the floor is beautiful. A few deep scratches, but once the color is laid down no one will notice.

There is also a mantel "project" to complete on this one wall...and of course the bathroom tile yet to be laid....but it will all come together shortly!

A great deal was accomplished today...clean up of the major dust happened before we all left, but we will wipe down the walls, trim and windows before we paint the baseboards next week!

Now...Miss Janice has to decide on the color for the floor. I think she's leaning toward Jacobean...which is the same color of all the other floors in her house. I think some decorative painting is in order! Maybe we can decided on a compromise!
Till next week...more to come.

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