Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outdoor Project

Still seems to be small projects that require attention to finish up the house. Ashley stained the thresholds with white stain. They'll be sealed and will look good going into the bathroom tile area.

There are two other small bathrooms that need to have the carpet pulled up and the floors refinished. We thought we'd have to tile this small half bath off the kitchen, but once the carpet came up there were hardwoods underneath.

We sealed Mike inside the bathroom while he was sanding so the dust didn't spread throughout the house. The floor will be stained to match the rest of the floors and we've already painted the peach walls blue. Once I can get in there to take pictures I'll share with you what it looks like now. (For some reason I didn't get good before pictures. I'll be sure to get before pics from the upstairs bath.)

Last Saturday the guys moved to the outside deck area. Miss Janice wants a step up from the yard onto the deck, a new ceiling fan was ordered and she has a light pole and lamp she wants hung up to give more light.

Here are the start of the new steps. The wooden piece to the right is going to be another place to place plants without taking up space on the deck.

Mike began placing the stones to create a path to the potting shed.

They guys got the lamp post installed and electrified.

The lamp post also had a handrail attached, so it was placed next to the new stairs.

Here is before of the deck area...the ceiling fan had to be replaced.

Another before....

Here is an after...I finally finished all the cushions for the back deck area!

The antique baby bed has it's new coat of paint (as does all the furniture.)

Several pillows were created from an old quilt.

There is a lot of seating for guest now.

The new tin roof over the one end of the deck creates shade (as do the pecan trees) for a late afternoon nap.

I also made cushions for the extra bench seating along the one side of the deck.

The bench also creates extra seating along one side of the table.

This is the large lantern Miss Janice bought at a garage sale...it's hanging on the side of the potting shed.

Of course, now that the back deck is complete...time to start on making new cushions for the front porch seating area. We found these cushions on sale last weekend. That fabric won't last long...

In fact...I've already started recovering these cushions!

We're all working now for the big open house in October...much to do to be ready.
Till next time,

1 Cowgurls said:

myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

I found your site through google images. I was looking for a headboard/coatrack. It sent me to your headboard... awesome job by the way!
But mostly I wanted to tell you I love what you've done with the floors! Very talented and creative work!