Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I know...it's been awhile. Projects, family, work...it seems there is hardly time in the day to complete all I want to do. However, I did get some time to create a "few" items before Christmas.

I purchased this poster (4 of them) on sale after Thanksgiving. The girls don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, so I thought we could work on these and create something larger-than-life to use for decorating. The first thing we did is affix the large sheets of paper to a stretched canvas. I used Mat Gel to glue it down and smooth it out. Once it was dry I used the Fragile crackle 2 step process to crackle the paper.

One that was dry I rubbed a dark brown and then an aqua color into the cracks to highlight the crackle process.

Then began the embelleshment using glitter, beads, and various decorations.
This is gold glitter added to the Christmas Tree.
Red glitter was used on top of the words...
and a dark black German glass was added to the belt and other areas.
I also used some small gold beads around the toys, colored bead on the drum and some "ready-made" snowflakes in the sky. I used Snow-Tex for the beard and hair. The girls are still in "various stages" of decorating their own...but they'll all be finished for next year!
Our major project this year was Lauren's doll bed. She has three 18-inch dolls and really wanted a bed for ALL of them. Peter came up with the plan and went to work designing the bed, building the frame, staining the beds.He even added the small railings so the "girls" would not fall out while they are sleeping.My job was to create the bedding: mattresses, pillows and blankets.Needless to say...Lauren was thrilled. She immediately put all her girls to bed and tested it out!

She was a very happy girl! Now...she wants a ladder!

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Kathy said...

Your Santa poster is awesome! I love it. And that triple-decker bunk bed. What a clever idea. I would have LOVED to have one of those when I was a little girl. I know she is excited to have beds for "her girls". And, YES, she does need a ladder -- LOL.

Great projects! Thanks for sharing.