Monday, January 4, 2010

Year in Review

As I looked back over last year's posts, I discovered the major focus of my year was the makeover of Miss Janice's house.  I originally contracted with her in October 2008, to re-do her dining room floor. (You'll have to scroll down to the end to see the floor.)  I envisioned a bold design on the wonderful wood floor we found under her 1980's carpet. 
As with ALL makeover' thing led to another, and one year later we had pulled the carpet from 3 other rooms, laid a wood floor, laid a tile floor, and totally re-done 7 rooms in one way or another.
All three bathrooms were made over.  The living room and dining room swapped places and got a fresh coat of paint.  The dining room floor was refinished and stained with a design.  The master bedroom and bath were gutted and re-done totally (from floor to ceilings.)  The Cowgirl Room (library) was given a new wood floor and updated look.  The kitchen was cleaned up, new curtains, and some fresh paint.  The back deck was stained and given a new metal roof.  All the outside furniture got newly updated cushions.  I think best of all, for Miss Janice, she purged and cleaned and sorted through things she had not looked at in years!
I decided to take just ONE project from each month that I enjoyed working on...and completing!

January 2009
Before and After 
This chair was purchased at a garage sale and redone to go in Miss Janice's new room re-do (which would not be fnished for MANY months!)

February 2009

This window was one I bought a long time ago.  Peter built the shelves and I covered the back before the two were "married" together to hold my painting supplies.


March 2009

At this point last year we had finished laying the new floor in the Cowgirl room (Library) and were ready to tackle some items that were left over from the previous "re-do."  I think I made these curtains for Miss Janice in 2004...but we were ready to update the look.We purchased these curtains at the Red Barn Antique sale and weren't sure how we'd like them in the room...but thought the black and white really looked good against the red walls.  But...I still felt something was missing, so I took down the old roller shades and added a monogram and Miss Janice added the trim along the bottom.
I think it really made statement.  We're still looking for just the right tie backs, but we'll know them when we see them!
April 2009
This stool was also purchased at the Red Barn Antique Sale.  Very 1980's material covering the top...but surprise when I pulled it off.  There was a linen underneath that was the perfect color for Miss Janice's room. 

I added the monogrammed J and stenciled the small area under the upholstry.  Not much else was done...easy re-do!
May 2009

This month was busy!  We added a new son-in-law to our family!

June 2009
This dresser was one Emily found at a garage sale.  It was originally painted black and in very sad shape.  A little elbow grease (a lot of snading) and it was ready for a new look.
Most of Emily's furniture is painted this blue/green color and accented with black.  This was a perfect match for her vanity and other items she moved into her little carriage house.

July 2009Before
June brought on long summer nights and we were ready to begin using the back yard "seating" again.  I had recovered these chair cushions several years earlier, but with constant exposure to the weather, they had not held up well.  I used "regular" cotton fabric this time around...with a commitment from Miss Janice that she would keep these put away when NOT in use.  We also put a metal cover on her back patio, so that would help with exposure.


I finished all the cushions for the chairs and the "day bed".  This became a great area to sneak away and relax in peace and quiet.
August 2009
August found us back in the house escaping from the heat of summer.  We were energized by the completion of the bedroom and anxiously wanted to get the bathroom in order. 

I think the floor in this bathroom went over and above what we had imagined.  It was a LOT of work, but well worth the effort.

September 2009 Before
We were finally winding down the makeover of Miss Janice's house.  Our thoughts were on the Open House and last minute things that still needed to be finished.  I wanted to be sure the front porch furniture was in tip top shape.  My daughter cleaned it all up and waxed the wood to make it shine.  We found some "floral" cushions at a local antique mall and I knew they would work...but only if they were recovered!
I had some really pretty remnants from my friend (the fabric salesman) and I went to work creating a new look for the porch furniture.  I think they turned out wonderful!

October 2009

This is the upstairs bathroom in Miss Janice's house and was the last floor "refinish" we had planned before the open house.  To our disappointment...not all the floor was the original heart pine.  Someone had placed plywood in two spots.  We went with plan B, which was to paint the floor.  I painted the free hand scroll design to disguise the "mis-match" area in the floor. It looks more like a bath mat than a mistake.
We had our Grand Finale...the Open House in October.  It was a great celebration for many, many months of hard work.  What began as a "single room" soon spread to the entire house.

November 2009
We all took a break for the month of November.  I also took a "full time" consulting job for my city...working in the IT Department.  That has been a major adjustment.  

December 2009

December was spent on several projects, but I think the santa I collaged on a canvas was my favorite project of the month.

What will come this year is anyone's guess!
For me...I'm going to focus on updating, re-doing, and organizing my own home.  I have so many "new" ideas floating around in my brain that I want to complete.  How ever will I get them all done...especially if I continue working full time?  I'm sure I'll figure it out.
I loved the time spent last year on a large, on-going project.  I loved seeing my vision come to life!  I loved that my whole family was involved in that vision and that we were able to spend time together as we completed each task. 
I know each daughter has a list of projects to complete for their own homes this year. Paint, new flooring, patio many ideas to bring to life!  The combined effort of all of us working together will find these projects are quickly completed! 
The joy we experience in working together will continue this year as we dream bigger dreams and use our many talents to accomplish our goals.
I'm looking forward to 2010 and know whatever the Lord brings our way as a family, we can survive!
I also look forward to walking this journey with all of you in blogland!
Happy New Year!

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