Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Painting

Thursday night we called an extra work night so we could get a jump on all the painting we had left to do.  It was going to get cold on Saturday, so we needed to get the cupboard doors and drawers finished while it was still warm enough to paint outside.  We began painting in the kitchen.  We needed to finish the inside of the upper cupboards.  The insides and outside of the uppers will be white.  The white seems even brighter next to the old cupboard color.
Jared arrived in time to bring us more lighting.  There had been an old florescent light box in the kitchen, but this new one gives lighting to all areas and made painting so much easier.
Out little helper wanted to be in the middle of everything...helping...always helping!

After several hours of painting we enjoyed our first big meal at the new house. Spaghetti and meatballs.Stephanie prepared dinner while we finished up what each of us was working on for the evening.
Although, it appeared some just came for dinner..
Others wait patiently for dinner to be served.
There are 10 of us now when we all get together as a family.  We enjoy working together and just hanging out with each other.  By the time we sat down to eat we were more than ready to stop painting and call it quits for the night.
Our youngest helper seems to always be full of energy to the very end!
Friday we began again after work.  We were able to finish painting the cupboard tops and the guys finished up the doors and drawers for the tops and bottom areas.  With rain and cold (snow) coming on Saturday, we stacked the top doors in the laundry room (which we completed on Friday)...
And brought the bottom drawers and doors inside into the dining room area.
Friday we got a lot accomplished toward getting the kitchen complete.
Saturday, rainy and cold as promised by the weather man, kept us inside for the day.  Ashley began painting the bottom kitchen cabinets.
Emily, and her crew, all crowded into the pantry hallway to get it painted.
I don't have any idea how they jammed themselves into that space, but I do know there was a lot of laughter coming from behind the closed door!
The kids had to be entertained inside the back room became their play room/rest area.
Ashley got two coats of the blue on the bottom.  It looks a little strange right now as to why some are white and some are blue, but once it's all put back together it will make more sense.
Emily wanted three of the open spaces up top painted the dark teal also. (Notice Em's cute little wax paper holder...great color match for the kitchen with the copper and aqua.)
The office got a second coat on Saturday and the closet doors were painted.  These two rooms are finished and two of the bedrooms are complete.  The dining room and laundry are complete.  The bathroom vanity was painted today and most of the pantry area was completed.  The shelves still need to dry and a second coat on the doors will be accomplished next week.
The kitchen needs the doors re-hung and we plan to wax the bottom of the cupboards to give them a more "vintage" feel. We'll tackle all that next week.  I know Emily wants to start moving some of her stuff into the house by next I'm planning on being gone! (Road Trip.) 

Till next week,

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