Monday, March 8, 2010

Painting - Day One

Friday night began with the basics...color.  We got there early enough to see all the color choices in the light of day.  We laid out all the bits and pieces of fabric, carpet and curtains that will be used in the house.  I think the color scheme already had a direction based on Emily's past purchases and choices.  She already owns curtains she wants to reuse for her bedroom and the office.  The blue will be in her bedroom, so she's leaning toward chocolate brown walls.  The brown trimmed curtains she wants to use in the office.  Since the office is wide open to the living room she wants to have the colors coordinate well together.
Once she decided on the first two colors, it was easy to arrive at the other colors so that the house has a rhythm and flow to it that she likes.
Saturday began with all the workers meeting for breakfast.  Next stop - the house to begin a full day of work.
When we arrived Saturday morning to begin our work...there was "someone" watching us.  What we thought were moving boxes left in the back room were actually window "decorations".  There is a set for every front window. At first I thought someone painted the windows. What a laugh!

Our first task was to fill and patch all the walls.  The previous owners had painted the house to sell it, but not all the ceilings had been painted (and not all the painting had been done well...rush job.)  One ceiling, in the back bedroom, will have to be repaired before we can begin work in that room. 
We began with the ceiling in the kitchen first so it would be dry enough to start the major projects in this area.  Once we complete the kitchen Em can begin to move dishes and supplies over to the new house. 
The choice for the top walls in the dining area was a very icy blue. 
The bottom cabinets in the kitchen area will be painted in the same color pallet as the upper walls, but much darker.  The upper cabinets and the wainscoting will be painted white.  The hardware had to be removed and the cabinets will have to be sanded some to rough up the surface to accept the new paint.
There were several injuries during the day, but luckily we had paper towels and blue tape!  I'll have to put band aids on the list of supplies for next weekend.
Here's a close up of the first coat in the kitchen. 
Next we moved to the chocolate bedroom.  Em is planning to paint two of the bedrooms dark chocolate (in case she decides to knock out the wall between the two rooms) and the third bedroom will be a lighter shade in the same color family.
Lauren couldn't wait to help!

All in all...a very productive day, but much more painting to accomplish before move in...
but we had a lot of fun and spent a very productive day.
Till next time,

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