Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday Painting Projects

Saturday morning began again with touching up the ceilings.  With the light of could see the spots that didn't get painted last time.
While Emily and Stephanie painted in the living room, Ashley and I began cutting in the light teal blue color in the office.
Emily is happy to cover up the yellow underneath.  Two of the girls worked with a roller and one painted the 'grooves' on the panelling as we moved around the room.  I felt like this room went really fast, but it will still need 2 coats.
After the girls finished in the living room - they moved on to the kitchen to touch up the ceiling.
Meanwhile...the guys had all the kitchen cupboards outside and were painting them.  Not sure the need for these purple gloves...
But he was NOT going to wipe paint on us!!!
Office is complete...cut in begins in the living room...
and more cutting in...
Emily follows behind with the roller to fill in the color.
First coat completed in the office.
Ashley is near the end of cutting in.
Here are the two rooms together.  The living room is two shades darker than the office.  Can't tell from this photo, so I'll try to get a better one this week.
For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the guys working on the kitchen cupboard doors outside. 
So far we have finished painting the ceilings, the kitchen and laundry room upper wall.  Two bedrooms are complete and now the office and the living room.  We are getting close, but know there is so much more to do.  I'll post more pictures this week.
Two fans were also hung this weekend (a new one and another one swapped out) so I'm thinking Em will want to start moving stuff in next weekend.
We still have new carpet to lay in the office and cabinets to finish.  We haven't even talked about the guest bath.  Fun projects to come.
Till next time,

1 Cowgurls said:

Terri said...

I just have one question. Do you guys hire out?! I've done alot of painting in my life, and it's hard work!
Looking great tho. Enjoy tracking the progress.
Will talk soon,
Terri Baker