Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Drive

One of my favorite activities is to head out after church on Sunday and just drive.  My husband and I first pick a direction and just head out of town.  This past Sunday we decided to head toward Nocona.
Of course stopping along the way for any chance of diversion or a photo op is highly desirable.  Considering we have NEVER been to downtown Gainesville it became our first stop along the way.

 "Whimsical Wares from Wonderful Women"
Is this NOT the best sign? 
I went in looking for those whimsical items from the "wonderful women"...I was not disappointed.  This shop in on the square in downtown Gainesville, Tx. It was the only one open on Sunday, although there are others I want to go back and check out on another day.

This bicycle built for two was outside the shop before we entered.  I wanted to take it for a bike ride!  Of course, the temps on Sunday were in the 70's, and the day was bright and sunny...perfect day for a ride with my best partner!
We left Gainesville and headed up Hwy 82 to Nocona.  Nocona is slightly northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Our destination was the Two Blondes Antique Mall.  (One of our favorite stops along the way to "where-ever"!) 
After shopping at the Two Blondes we headed into downtown Nocona.  We noticed a large number of bikers in the downtown area on Sunday, as well as in St. Joe. As we traveled around the back roads of that area, near the Red River, we saw  many other bikers out enjoying the weather and the freedom of those less traveled back roads.

The Antique Store in downtown Nocona told us about the new Indian bridge that opened as an alternate crossing over the Red River...so of course we had to check it out!  We also discovered Lake Nocona...who knew?

Yep...it crossed the Red River.  Once we entered Oklahoma we turned right back around and headed back to St. Joe.
The best part of the day was the spring weather and all the beautiful trees blooming!  I'm ready for full on spring!  Nothing beats a Sunday drive!
Till next time...

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