Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend OFF

Are you surprised? I'm not painting! I'm not working on the house this weekend!

Nope...I'm away this weekend. My husband and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary this Monday, and to celebrate, we are taking the weekend off, getting in the car and driving North.

We decided on Oklahoma because there is so much to see and do between McKinney, TX and Guthrie, OK (or destination). Our plan is to not drive the major highways too much, stay on the smaller back roads and stop whenever we see something interesting. No agenda. No time constraints. Our only "hope" was to arrive in Guthrie the first night.

We left Friday morning and stopped for breakfast in Sherman. Not too far a drive, but enough to get us on the road and time to look over our print-outs over breakfast and to make a plan as to which way to head. We decide to go over toward Denton and head straight up IH 35 toward Oklahoma City.

First stop...Ardmore Oklahoma. The map showed a small "spot" off by itself on the west side of the highway, so we'll head that way first.

We could see the pink bicycle "fence" as soon as we came under the highway!  The Cloverleaf is not at all what I expected. It showed up on an Antique Shopping print out...and there were certainly antiques for sale, but there was so much more!  The yard was full of treasures. was a feast for the eyes!
Strange things...
Lots of great boots...
Ideas...great place to hang out for an artist date.
Once we finished looking inside, we headed back out to the yard.

This is my favorite find!  It looked like someone might be renovating the inside. The door was locked, otherwise I would be inside.
Plenty to choose from outside.
So much stuff to look at.
I know once Miss Janice see this big red boy she'll want to rush up and move him into her potting shed...won't be room for her anymore, but Mr. Red will have found a home!
We spent several hours great hours shopping in Ardmore...longer than we thought, but Oh well...we weren't on any schedule.  We stopped anytime we saw something a slug bug spider along the highway?
We alsoseemed to be able to find the "hard to find" items...I guess Oklahomans had a hard time finding this place.  We found it and weren't even looking. We made sure we didn't loiter or cuss.
I'm thinking, on the whole, Oklahomans like funky signs.  This one was on the door of one of the shops we entered! We laughed as we entered, but the owner shared she didn't have any more zeros, so 5:29 it was!

Of course my favorite was found in Davis, OK on the parking lot of a CPA's office...

I never knew CPA's put hexes on people!  Oklahoma CPA's?

And, of course, I went to the side door looking for hippies at this restaurant, but alas, I saw none! (Not sure if this restaurant knew there weren't anymore hippies...they're old now!)

All in one was great fun.  I've only touched the tip of the ice berg of all we saw and "shopped".  For those that have been paying attention tonight, I apologize for the multiple posts.  The hotel Internet signal keeps cutting me off and blogger uploads for no apparent reason. 

Tomorrow I want to share with you Hotel Love in Purcell, OK.  I need to wait until I have a more stable Internet situation because I have a lot of pictures I want to upload.  We had a great time shopping and making new friends in Purcell, so until tomorrow...we'll continue our drive through Oklahoma! 

I'll continue posting pictures of our trip during this week (I have loads of great pictures)...not that we've taken the whole week off from working on the house.  Most of the items were moved into the house this weekend, so I'll post pictures next week of the continued progress of setting up and unpacking all the items.  There is still the "ugly" yellow bathroom to complete and one more room to paint, once the ceiling is repaired.

Till tomorrow...debi

3 Cowgurls said:

Meander said...

See now you have me wanting to take a road trip! Those boots. . .my heart skipped about three beats at that photo!!!

debianne said...

Just a note...if you loved those boots check out these from Mercedes Boot Company.

You can also follow them on facebook.!/pages/Mercedes-Boot-Company/213843961831?ref=nf
Very cool and handmade!

Terri said...


Just stopped in to thank you for your comment concerning my Dad. Isn't it wonderful what a moment of thoughtfulness can accomplish!
Then I see all the pink bicycles and had to laugh out loud! What a treat your pictures are. If you ever go back I must have the hippie sign!!!!
Teri Baker