Monday, April 12, 2010

More Curtains

Last fall I bought this one embroidered drapery panel at Canton.  I bought it from the "linens by the pound" guy and I think it cost me about $1.00.  I dug through all the linens for a long time...but could only find ONE panel!
Emily was with me as we searched, so I told her I would make her new curtains from this one panel.
I already had this piece of brown upholstery weight fabric in my stash. 
I began by ripping out the hem at the bottom.
I reworked the bottom to look exactly like the top so I could cut the panel in half.
I cut the panel in half and serged the edges of the panel and the lining. I stitched the brown upholstery piece to the bottom of each panel.
The girls got the drapery rod hung up...
then got the panels up.
Here is the finished project.
Emily liked them closed so she can see the design.
Emily's going to use the shades underneath, but I'll dress them up with fabric and ribbon.
Much more sewing still to come!!! (I still have the couch cushions to re-cover!)
Till tomorrow...

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