Monday, August 16, 2010

12 New Things

Sarah Mae from "Like a Warm Cup of Coffee" is challenging us all to learn one new thing a month!
She has committed to taking the next 12 months to learning something new each month.

Just ONE NEW THING A MONTH!  That's all!

I've been thinking of my list...what would I add, what would I want to learn?  What if I only had a year, what would I want to challenge myself with knowing?
Here's what I've come up with...

August - Learn Dream Weaver
September - Join a Bible Study on a Topic I have not studied
October - memorize a book of the Bible (I have a friend who does this)
November - learn to make bread from scratch
December -learn to make homemade fudge
January - Learn to play the Guitar
February - Learn more about photography
March - Learn to stamp silver
April - Take an art class to learn a new technique
May - Lean how to use a "power tool" I've never used before
June - Learn to make cheese
July - learn more about how to can vegetables

I'd love for you to join me on my '12 Things' journey. If you're up for the challenge, start thinking of the 12 things you want to learn over the next 12 months, write them down, and commit to making them a priority.
Each month I’ll be posting my results of learning the above things – I'll link up on the last Thursday of each month with the others who have committed.  Make your list and come join us.
Till tomorrow...

2 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

That's a challenging list you've set up! I have 2 big goals for the fall, but I don't think I can accomplish either one in a month.

I would like to catalogue my digital photos by subject as well as chronology, and I would like to get my housekeeping into some sort of routine maintenance.

Actually, I want to get my photo albums caught up to date (I have 3 wedding albums to do).

And I also want to be a good host Mom for our 2 international students this year. They are high school boys from China and Korea. I want to fix regular and healthy meals for them and get out of the slump we're in since our kids left home.

Those 4 goals might take me a lifetime, let alone one a month.

I also am leading a Bible study for our womens' group which takes time but is technically not a new thing. And since I am not working in the school this year I have thought about taking an art class at the community college...but I tend to take on too much.

One new thing a month sounds like a pretty demanding pace...

debianne said...

Hollace...I think you’re right about the idea of one “new” thing a month being challenging and demanding, like learning Dream Weaver or learning to play the guitar. I think of it more as a starting point. I won’t be able to “master” them in a month, but to begin...sometimes that’s the hardest. Pushing through the “I can’t” to I can...the starting...and then hopefully finishing well.