Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Piano Roll Project

I recently picked up a piano roll at a flea market.  We do own a player piano...but I can't see using one of them!  My girls have great memories of singing and dancing to the player piano.

This roll is titled "Wonderful One".

I unrolled the roll until I reached the end.  My idea was to use the 'flange' (the roll is wound around it) as the top of this project.
The words are read from the bottom to the top...remember it rolls forward as you sing along with the piano!

I had an old picture of a French corset shop...I  printed it and used my favorite gel medium to glue it down on the piano roll sheet.

I put a good amount of gel on the front and back and made sure I sealed the edges down.

Now...to dry!

I used a lot of different laces doilies, crocheted trim and lace bits and pieces I've picked up here and there at Estate Sales and Antique malls.

I used stamping ink in a vintage photo color to age the background and some of the lace.

I painted the words on with brown craft paint, then came back with a turquoise paint and lightly wrote over the top of the brown.

I printed a few musical notes to glue on to different areas of the piano roll.

I finished the project with some bead trim on the edge. I reinforced the edge with a firm strip of heavy cardboard.

I bought these "brad buttons" at Michael's...and placed them in the music holes to add more interest and color.

 The words say, "Sing the song of your heart"

Here's the top of the piano roll with the flange piece (which is part of the hanger.)  I used a vintage piece of lace for the actual hanger part.

And, here is the finished project.  I have more of the roll and I will probably make another.  I'll just have to figure out what I'll use to hang it.  I already have some ideas...

I'm also working on my clothes pin doll project.  I'm working on creating her stylish outfit, and will reveal her when all is completed!

Till tomorrow...

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