Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday in McKinney - Part II

Welcome to Patina Green
I'm going to mostly let you enjoy your own tour...

Miss Luann is happy to welcome you to her store!
She was busy, busy...being a Saturday and all...the store was busy!!

The one room you should not miss is the is worth the visit!

I love all these European mustard jars!

The very best part is the smell...I did not eat lunch there on Saturday, but I'll return and let you know.  The sandwiches are huge ($7.00).  Everything looked wonderful!

You can purchase some fresh items,

and there are so many cheese choices.

Not to mention various other items.

Don't rush to check out while you're there!  It's worth your time to browse slowly!

Patina Green Home and Market is located at
116 N. Tennessee, Suite 102

McKinney, TX 75070
Monday - Saturday 10-5

After leaving Patina Green we walked around the block to Louisiana.  I've been wanting to go into
The Bear Market...

but, not to be! I think this placed is closed more than it's open.
Whatever...we moved on to

  Surprise...Donna greeted us as we stepped inside!  She said she helps out there occasionally!  I'm so glad she was manning the store today!

Again, I'll let you mostly browse the store by yourself!

I love this sideboard and mirror!

Heirloom's is a great store with a lot of vintage finds that you can't resist.
You can find Heirloom's at:
219 East Louisiana Street

McKinney, TX 75069-4311
(972) 529-1266 

Now, we'll go across the street to Morning Star Treasures
208 East Louisiana Street
McKinney, TX 75069-4312
(214) 726-0797


Morning Star is housed in a Hardware store right off the main square in McKinney.
The Hardware store was built in the 1880's and you can still see signs of the prior history of the store.

Each area (tools, hardware, nails, etc) are used for the different merchants.

This great staircase leads to the upper level.

The tread on the stairs are worn across the middle from years of use.

You can get a great view of the whole store from the upper walkway.

The ceiling and the fixtures are all part of the ambiance of this store.

Once again...if you find yourself North of Dallas, head on into McKinney and discover the treasures of my great little city!!!

Till tomorrow...

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