Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emily's House

We finally got the built in bookcases installed at Emily's.
This little helper never stopped long enough for me to get a clear picture of him.  He was all over the place trying to help (and get the tools before the guys could use them.) 

They work together...each taking turns drilling.

Here's Austin...once again trying to get in some "tool" time.

Jared was also able to replace the old fan...

 with this new white one.

 There is additional trim molding to add to one end of the bookcase and along the top and bottom to complete the built in look.

 We'll need to stain the new trim to match what was salvaged from the original tear out.

While the boys were installing the bookshelves, Emily got into the small pantry area and pulled up the nasty dirty carpet.  The floor is dirty, but it can be washed.

This same flooring is under the new carpet in the office.  Emily hopes to tile the kitchen, laundry room and pantry area later on.  She felt it was easier to live with this floor than the dirty carpet.

 We had other helpers...but I'm not too sure how much they were helping!

I finally finished the kitchen curtains.  Emily bought an embroidered tablecloth at a friend's garage sale and really wanted to use it in her kitchen as curtains.

There wasn't enough of the embroidered tablecloth to cover all the windows, so I picked up another tablecloth with the same color scheme to finish the other areas.

 I made the topper to look like it had a "petticoat" underneath.

The lower curtains have a small ruffle made from the petticoat material.  This big window used the full tablecloth to complete the project.

Emily wanted a curtain for this opening.  "Someone" thinks the microwave is that low so he can push the 'butts."  (He can't remember the word is button.  He always wants to push the butts.)

I used the new table cloth for this area and...

to cover the window in the back door.

The two look nice together.  Emily is NOT into anything "matchy".  She's only into vintage!

Which is why the curtains covering the window over her sink are vintage tea towels...

The ceiling in the back room finally got a patch.  It will need a little more work to finish the texture, but we started painting in the hall...working toward that back room.  There is still a big chunk of the carpet left...she's threatening to haul it to the curb.  Anyone need a big piece of carpet?

We'll finish painting the hall this week...then move into the back bedroom.  We need to paint the ceiling and the walls in there.
 Only one bedroom and the small bath left to complete! Nearing the end!!!
Till tomorrow...

1 Cowgurls said:

Val said...

I just discovered your blog, and was so intrigued by your idea for curtains! I love embroidered fact I'm currently working on some lovely snowflake pillowcases for a friend. The idea of using an old tablecloth for curtains, though, is something that never crossed my mind. Brillant!