Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stocking Hangers

Believe it or not, in his spare time my husband is a Blacksmith. He is able to create some pretty incredible items.  He always says, "If you can draw it, I can create it."  He does a pretty good job at some of my drawings and ideas.

I really wanted some stocking hangers, but didnt' want to spend the money on the "novelty" kind.  Most of them are too formal or too cutesy.
Being from Texas...why not a Texas theme.

We purchased some large architectural stars, horse shoes, and some small stars that had a nail attached.

He began by attaching the small nail head star to the horseshoe. (He welded these pieces together.  His advice, find a welder!)  I cut felt to line the bottom of the horseshoe so they would not scratch whatever surface I might place them on.

Next, he welded the large star to the horseshoe.  Once everything was put together, the stars can be spray painted whatever color you like.
The space between the small star and the large star can nicely fit a DVD or something else that won't quite fit in the stocking.

I like to line them up the stairs.  They are weighty enough to hold a full stocking!
We are going to need a couple of more this year, so he better get busy.  Not much time between now and Christmas.

You can also line them up on the mantel, but with 10 of's easier to place them along the stairs!

Till tomorrow,

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