Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Surprise

I've been working on so many projects lately.  Wedding items seem to get the most time these days, but I've also had 6 birthdays in the month of I'm in the middle of recovering a chair!

My friend Kathy's birthday is in February...and she is an avid quilter and lover of old quilts!
Several months ago she brought me a bag filled with handkerchiefs that once belonged to her grandmother.  She said she just KNEW I would find something to do with them. 

She also had a few she "set aside" because they held special meaning to her and she told me that she would like to have them "returned". ( I knew that meant in another form!)
I put them all the handkerchiefs into a jar - thinking if I saw them on a regular basis they would stay on my radar and I would make her something.

Of course, the jar got moved to a shelf...still within eyesight...but truly off my immediate to do list.

Enter the planning of surprise party for her!  I knew I better get busy. 

 I had this old cutter quilt I previously purchased in Louisiana so I cut out the very best part of it to use as a starting point for my gift for Kathy.

She loves vintage quilts, so using this old one as the base was perfect!  There is just something about the feel of vintage linens and old quilts.  The softness and love that pours from the fabric is tangible!

I toke the old handkerchiefs that Kathy had set aside and ironed double fusible webbing on the back. I cut each of them into hearts, using the best parts of the handkerchief.

Once all the hearts were arranged, I ironed them onto the quilt top.

Th lighter ones didn't show up as well as I liked, but I also knew I wanted to trim out each heart with vintage laces and trimmings.

I went to my lace stash and  pulled out a variety of vintage lace and trims.

I chose a lace or trim that would look good surrounding each of the hearts.  Rather than ruin the look and feel of the vintage piece by using my sewing machine, I hand sewed the trim around the hearts to complete the piece. 
Wrap it up...and off to dinner.

Let the Party begin.  The table was set,

the dessert and meal prepared...and the guest were in hiding until Kathy showed up!


Wonderful food and great conversation.  I think the evening was a success...and the surprise was complete - party and gift!

Till tomorrow...

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