Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Pinwheels

Today is our second snow day this week!  McKinney has pretty well shut down for two days! 
However, I love the extra time off, so I have been working on wedding stuff as well as my small bathroom project.  I worked yesterday on the bathroom, but today I have not strayed far from my comfy spot on the couch. 

We began this morning with the following "urgent" message from the state:  
Power Emergency - Conservation CRITICAL - Rotating Outages Have Begun

We have had rolling black outs most of the day...some lasting as long as 45 minutes.  (I know several people have been without power for more than 2 hours!)
With our temperature hovering in the upper teens today...I have stayed snuggled under my blankets and have a nice big fire going.
So with my unexpected "bonus" time today, I'm working on wedding activities that can be accomplished without leaving the warmth of my "spot".
All the wedding invitations are addressed! YEAH!!! 
 Purchasing stamps and taking them to the Post Office will have to wait for another day!
I am still working on pinwheels though...and thinking about some possibilities for centerpieces.

I remember buying these "things" about 5 years ago at an estate sale.  Why? Who can say, but I just knew they might come in handy! (HA!)

They are NOT what I would call pretty, but I'm thinking...

If I attach the pinwheels with a small pin onto each tree, then guest seated at the table can take a pinwheel home as a memento of the wedding.

I think I will paint the pots a light turquoise.  I also think ball heads  and the "dirt" area should be sprayed red. The red will be a whole lot prettier than the current green color when the pinwheels are removed.

Add adding little bit of "paper strips" around the bottom...instant centerpiece....well not too instant!  I still have many, many more pinwheels to stitch!
Guess I better get busy.

Till tomorrow...

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