Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About You Texas

How would you like to clone yourself and take care of all your "TO DO" items without sacrificing time from your busy day?  How would you like to sign for that delivery, and never leave your desk?  How about waiting in line at the post office without giving up your lunch hour?   That's exactly what All About You Texas offers you!  They give you back your TIME!

The owners of All About You Texas are long time friends Tom and Linda Fish.  We ran into them last night and  after catching up about the family and our grandkids, they told us about their new business (about 18 months old) and how it's been growing over the last few months.  They were pretty excited! 

In the past I've pointed you to other businesses here in McKinney where you can shop or eat, so I thought I'd let you know about All About You Texas in case you have need of their services during the busy months of summer!

Tom and Linda's mission is to help you reclaim time lost trying to balance work, family and home. All About You Texas will simplify your life by handling those tasks during the day so you can live your life more fully with family and friends.

They offer a variety of services (errands, waiting {in lines or on repairmen}, security checks and a traveling notary service!  They'll do exchanges and even do your grocery shopping for you!

If you're a small business owner or are employed in Dallas and needs things to happen in and around the McKinney area during the day...they're the ones to call to handle your "business" and give you your time back!

I would recommend them in a heartbeat.  I've worked many a project with these two and you couldn't ask for more professional workers.  You can check them out by clicking their link on my side bar or go here.
They're the best and will give you excellent service!  If you call, tell them I sent you! (That will make them smile!)

Well, little break from all the wedding activities (they are still happening) so tomorrow I'll have some new pictures of more finished projects.

Till then...

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