Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bridal Portraits

Emily, her sisters and I spent the day taking Bridal Portraits.  Stephanie has been taking pictures for awhile and is perfecting her technique.  Of course I can't really show you any of the pictures she took today...13 more days, but I can show you a few of the locations and some of the pictures I took of the "process".

Ashley did a lot of fluffing and straightening of the dress.  She was always trying to get out of the shot.

Lots of hurry up and wait.  I had to photo shop Emily out of this picture. 

We spent some time at White Rock Lake.

Kinda scary when she climbed up on top of that little box!

Emily's "slippers" for the wedding.

When we finished taking all the picture at White Rock Lake the "police" came by to tell us we couldn't take pictures on the back side of the building (where we were.)  Oh well...too late!

The azalea's are in full bloom right now. If nothing else we saw a lot of great flowers today!

Stephanie loves giving directions to all of us.

There were a lot of little children at Turtle Creek having their Easter Pictures taken.

We picked a random house in Turtle Creek...we loved the stairs out front and all their flowers.  We knocked on the answer, so we took pictures on the front stairs.

The flowers were wonderful and just being outside in the sunshine was spectacular!

This church had beautiful arches and Stephanie got some really pretty shots of Emily in her dress.

I real peeks at the bride, but only 13 days remain until D-day!
All will be revealed.
Till tomorrow...

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