Saturday, August 20, 2011

Auction Hunting!

Going to an auction is a FUN activity! have to make sure to get there early enough to look over each piece you are interested in and then determine what your top bid will be for that particular item.
I spotted this bed one Friday night and just knew how I wanted to paint it and how it would look when finished.  (I got a vision!) LOL!!!
In the end it's exciting to win the bid and know the piece is coming home with you!

I began by dry brushing the whole bed.  I didn't want it to be thick with paint, but allow some of the grain to show through.  The bed was not in the best condition, but a little TLC can make anything look good!

The light teal paint gave the bed a whole new feel!

I used a darker mix of teal with white to highlight the relief on the bed.

Here is the finished bed headboard and footboard.

The lettering I did on the footboard is very simple to do.

I decide on my wording and fonts...then print them the size I need from my printer.  I use print preview to be sure a letter is not cut down the middle when printing.
Once I piece them together I use graphite paper to trace the words onto the footboard.

I know you can buy large stencils (very expensive the larger they are.)  I've used this technique to paint words on walls also.

You can find hundreds of free fonts at 101FreeFonts  or Dafont
Print your lettering whatever size you wish then trace it onto your wall.  It's a very inexpensive way to get the "wall words" you want without spending a fortune.  It will only cost you a little time and effort.

Well, two more projects on the list for today!  We'll see how far I get!!!

I'm excited to get going on this small child's desk!

Till tomorrow...

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