Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Room Makeover

It seems I've been working on swapping out two rooms forever!
This was Emily's room, before she left home, bought a house...then got married.  Time seems to have flown since she chose to paint her room in two tone colors with "humps!"

Rather than take the time to repaint the room, I just moved my office right in when Emily left!
Her room was large and it gave me the room I needed (wanted) to spread out and have work space for both working at home and for creating.

Over the last several moths we have talked about moving the office downstairs into what has been our guest room. Now that all the girls are gone there is really more privacy and room to spread out for guests upstairs
While I was away at the Paper Cowgirl Retreat, Peter moved the office out.

I knew it was time to paint.  I'm not thinking the "humps" we're really my style!
Of course...blue is my color, so blue it was for the walls.  (I also wanted a pale blue that would coordinate with the blue of the ceiling...yes...Emily painted every inch of her room!)

I wanted to create a restful retreat for guests, so I stuck with a white and blue pallet.  I used my grandmother's Martha Washington bedspread to cover the bed. 

I re-covered some extra large feather pillows with another Martha Washington that I'd picked up in Canton. It was in bad shape, but I pulled the fringe edge off to use as trim and had enough good sections to make some large pillows for guests to use for reading or watching TV.


I had one nightstand when the room was downstairs (too tight a squeeze for two) so I picked up another small table to use for the second night stand.  It was already painted blue...which had been painted over another layer of green...you can see it peeking through!

I painted the whole thing white, then decoupaged scrapbook paper over the drawers to give it an added decorative touch.  I then distrissed the paper and the night table with the sander and also lightly sanded the knobs to take off some of the black they had been painted.

I think the nightstand is the perfect compliment to the bedroom

I love the amount of space this room has!  Guests have room to spread out, open their suitcase and stay awhile!  I think I'm ready for guests!

Till tomorrow...

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