Saturday, September 24, 2011

Organization - clearing clutter

I have worked hard the last couple of days and the piles that had been placed outside the doorway of the sewing room have been dealt with.  Since all the girls are gone I now own the upstairs.

This large open area upstairs belonged to the girls when they were home, which now seems like years and years ago. It had been set up with a TV area on this end of the room and a study area with a desk and a computer on the other end of the room.  Now, I'm using it for craft storage and an art studio.

I have shelves and bookcases along the one wall with all my craft books and supplies.

I don't have all the drawers labeled, as yet, but that's next on my list.  I tackled each pile sitting on the floor by first separating out like things and putting them into stacks.  Each stack was given its own bin.  The bins will each be gone through one more time before they are finally labeled.
It feels tedious, but makes the larger chunks feel more manageable.

Embellishments, scissors, tools...all are in one place now. 

The one big project yet to complete in this room is finishing the trim on the edge of the couch.  I did slipcovers last year, but haven't added my ruffle to the edge as yet.  It is much more apparent now that it's "unburied" from the stuff that was sitting on the couch.

The opposite end of the room is set up as an art studio.  My husband and I both have a drafting table and our own cupboard for storage.

Once again, I unburied some projects that have not been completed, but they are now in the appropriate area just waiting to be finished!

The sewing room also got further organization.

Books and sewing magazines in their appropriate place.

Bits of this and that have their own home now.

I love all the large rick rack stored together.

Sweet baby shoes with vintage handkerchiefs.

More storage jars for buttons, pins and small bits of lace.

I have some of my favorite vintage tablecloths and tea towels hung for a "visual" vacation and inspiration.

Old spools all seem to belong together.

My favorite bit of inspiration is my name tag from the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat.

I also got the grandkid's room organized also.  There has been only one bed in here and there was a large cupboard for their toys...however now the toys are stored on shelves in the closet and I have room for each of the kids to have their own bed.

It's been very cathartic to go through each shelf and box and to actually throw some things out!
I have things that still need more organization within their boxes or bins, but I feel like it's now in manageable pieces and the job is not a huge, overwhelming task to be done.
I still have the guest room closet to go through, but most of that belongs to Emily and it will go home with her!

This small chest is my next will hold some more supplies in my sewing room!
I won't have time to get to it until the end of some vacation time coming and I'm going to enjoy just being away!

I want to thank Hollace who is always an encouragement to me!  She's the best and if you haven't met her you can stop by her blog and introduce yourself!
Her blog is Hollace the Mopsy.

Well, another long week, but I feel so much was accomplished!
till tomorrow...

2 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

Oh, my word. Oh. my. word. That is just the nicest thing ever! Here I was about to tell you how I love the hankies in a big jar, and the vintage towel rack is perfect for what I need, and then you blow me out of the water like that! I had to run upstairs to my hubby and have him read it!
Guess what? When he saw the vintage towel rack he said "That's what you need." So I am doubly blessed and may get a towel rack out of the deal =). Then he read further and was so surprised,too.

I am always impressed by the jobs you undertake (like all you did for your daughter's wedding) and cleaning out the storage areas is a huge one. I am doing it myself but not making as much progress as you have.
Thanks so much for the compliment. Wish I could come to West Texas and give you a hug.

loralie said...

Looks Good!
And what an inspiration.
Organization is possible.
Now I am thinking I should get busy in my studio.
Thanks for the post.