Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Suitcases

I recently picked up these two small suitcases at a little shop in East Texas.  Both of them were in pretty sad shape.  Sometimes when you find them they've not been treated kindly.  Spills, mildew, mold...not good...but not to worry.
I clean them up and pull all the guts out to make them as good as new.  
Both of these cases had seen better days!.

The small square suitcase was made of wood, but lined with paper and fabric.
I pulled out all the lining and the paper that was glued inside.

 I was able to use the paper pieces as a pattern to rebuild the suitcase.  I cut new cardboard inserts and recovered them with fabric.  The elastic of the small pocket was totally ruined, so there was nothing worth saving.

I had some really cute stripped fabric in my stash that I wanted to use on the inside.

Just a small note (if you want to try this for yourself)...when pulling apart a suitcases, just note which piece you pull out first.  When you get all your pieces cut to size you will put the suitcase back  together using the last piece you pulled out first.

When creating the pocket, I used the selvage edge of the fabric to create a "ruffle".  This fabric was really heavy, so it will hold up nicely. 

The small train case was actually lined with paper rather than a satin fabric (like most suitcases.)  There was nasty mildew in the bottom, so it really was better to pull everything out and start fresh. 

I used a metlasse' on this case.  I had two complimentary pieces that added some contrast between the top and the bottom.

I can just imagine this small case filled with treats for a guest room!
Soaps, toiletries, wash cloths...

Both suitcases were thoroughly cleaned on the outside, then some vintage travel stickers added to give them a bit of a "round the world" feel!

I know a lot of people buy old suitcases as decoration, but I also like to refinish the inside.  There are so many uses for them, but not if they are stinky and dirty inside!

Two more projects completed!
Till tomorrow...

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

I am so impressed! I love old suitcases but I would never dream of being able to take one apart and make it new again. Yours turned out so cute! And so fresh looking!