Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Appetizer - Stuffed Jalapenos

Lots of parties are already happening...and sometimes I'm asked to bring finger foods or appetizers.

One of my families all time favorite appetizer is stuffed jalapenos.
I can remember "popping" them into my mouth while waiting for my grandmother to finish cooking Christmas dinner.
Sweet memories!

You will need to purchase the picked jalapeno peppers for this recipe.  You can usually find them in a can in the Mexican Food isle (of course I remember living in Canada and having NO Mexican Food isle in the grocery store...such a sad time!)  You'll also need a big ole' can of tuna. 

The peppers need to have the tops and stems removed.  They need to be cut in half  (lengthwise) and all the seeds removed.  I usually wear gloves when I do this job.  The juice is HOT and not easily washed off.  Even hours later, when I go to take my contacts out I will feel the burn of the pepper juice and curse the day I ever touched them!

So...remember the "guts" are HOT stuff, just dump it right into the trash!

For the tuna...mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and grated jack cheese.
I usually just throw in a handful of cheese.  (My grandmother NEVER measured a thing!)

Once you get them all stuffed (keep your gloves on for the stuffing) and arranged on a pretty tray, sprinkle a little more cheese on top.

I brought this tray home empty the other night and everyone wanted to know how to make them.
Of course, that's after I would hear comments on the "odd combination" of ingredients.  They soon got over it and before I knew it they were popping them in their mouth and chowing down.
But remember, here in Texas we'll stuff a jalapeno with just about anything!

Till tomorrow...

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Hollace said...

I expected to hear you say "bake/broil for...minutes". You just eat them as soon as they are assembled? Have you ever baked them?