Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Discontinued China

I love blue dishes...but my all time favorite is a set my husband gave me for Christmas in 1983.  They are called "Denmark", and are made by Franciscan.  Originally I received 8 place settings and a few serving pieces...
but with all things we love...this pattern has been discontinued.
Sad day!

However, there were many other companies that made "similar" patterns over the years.  I like to find "odds and ends" that don't necessarily match, but work with this pattern.  It's like a perpetual scavenger hunt!

I found these three pieces in a resell shop last week.
The egg cups are not marked, however the tea pot is made by Furnivals and is also called Denmark.

This pretty oval bowl is by Schumann and called Bavaria.

The divided dish is by Villeroy & Boch and the pattern is Saxony.

These small bowls are a much darker blue and have no markings.
(The plates underneath are my original Franciscan dishes.) 

The darker blue is much more apparent in this picture.

I love all these pieces used together.

Here are several pieces made by other manufacturers:
Jager - can't see the name of the pattern
Yorktown by Salem China (Olde Staffordshire)
Royal - Delft Modern
Myott - Finlandia

This is Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted pattern.  It is as graceful as when it was first adopted in 1775 as the very first porcelain dinner service.
A more modern take on this pattern is called Mega Blue Fluted by Royal Copenhagen.
How pretty to mix and match these with the older versions of my Denmark pattern.

So many names for ONE pattern that sets a beautiful table and has the ability to mix and match with so many different pieces from other manufacturers.

Always on the hunt...
till tomorrow,

3 Cowgurls said:

Shawnee H said...

So pretty together!

Marc Selvais said...

Hello! Your divided dish from Villeroy & Boch is extremely rare. So beautiful! I enjoy collecting this pattern and other similar ones mostly made in Belgium up to 100 years ago. Look at my website at www.tablenoble.com for the biggest part of my collection.
Let me know if you like what you see with a mail to tablenobleinfo@gmail.com

Viktor said...

Wao, this is a wonderful stuff specially I like the 9th one picture, Its design is amazing. Thanks for sharing this stuff on net. I would like to share more stuff with you, related to the Discontinued Noritake China