Friday, June 26, 2009

Moving & Projects

My daughter has been planning a move for quite awhile. She was living in an apartment during this last year, but really wanted to move back into the historic district to live. She finally found a cute carriage house that was just a perfect size for her dog, Rocky, her cat, Tigger, and herself.

Before her move we were both busy getting items ready to move in. She sold off most of her "newer" items and bought items with more character at flea markets and garage sales that she could make over to her liking. She is collecting vintage 1950 items to decorate her home.

One large item she purchased was this dresser. Some how I never got a picture of it in all it's glory (painted black.) She found this piece at a local garage sale for $10. She stripped the paint and sanded it down knowing she wanted to paint it "her blue" color.

Once we got the piece painted she wanted me to "decorate" the front to dress it up. She wants black, white and blue (kind of a teal color) in her bedroom and bath so I came up with a design and started on the smaller drawers before deciding to proceed with the whole front of the dresser.

I liked the idea of continuing the design down the full front.

Once we got it moved into her bedroom she decided on small shiny knobs that looked similar to the black paint on the front.

She also purchased this small bathroom shelf, but wanted me to paint a piece to put in the back, again tying in the teal color with her other items.

She hung it in her bathroom...which I guess you notice has the same curtains that I used in Miss Janice's Library makeover. (You can see them here.)

There were two panels left over from the library makeover, so I used a whole one as the shower cover and cut the top piece off the other curtain to finish off the look.

I used the last left over piece to make a small coverlet at the end of the bed to tie the two rooms together. I think it was a nice touch to finish off the room and tie all the colors together.

She purchased this screen at Canton and her dad cut her a piece of plywood for the top. I painted it with chalkboard paint then decorated the edges with her teal color. She can use the top to write on and the screen portion holds things via magnets. (Has to be an old metal screen for this to work.)

For her kitchen window I used some old tea towels she bought at Canton to make her simple curtains. She wanted to purchase a stained glass window to hang in the lower portion of the window, but they're too expensive for her budget. So I painted her one.

She was in FFA in high school and raised a steer her senior year - so she liked the cow I painted on an old window. Her dad hung it for her so it looks like the kitchen window.

I am still waiting on the fabric I ordered to finish her last two couch cushions, so I'll save the couch pictures for another day!
Working on some new "tote" more things to show in a couple of days. We also had a meeting with Miss Janice this week...ready to begin her bedroom and bathroom make over. More pictures to follow of before and after pictures!

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