Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Helper

The great fun of doing this project for our daughter is spending time with the whole family...especially the smallest helper in our family. He loves exploring what's happening while we are working on Friday nights.
Here he is checking out the latest project in the kitchen.  A new storm door was hung, with the addition of a doggy door, to replace the old door.  He likes this new concept.
It doesn't take him long to realize this hole will take him outside...but he's a little big to fit through the door.  He thought he had an escape route to the back yard!
Oh well...he's easily distracted.  So, when we move to the back room to paint he announces he wants to help paint.
Holding your mouth just the right way helps in any activity requiring intense concentration.
BUT...too much work makes for one tired boy.  He wasn't quite able to make it to the end of the evening.
Saturday began bright and early again. Stephanie helped paint the laundry room.  We still have to come back with a white to touch up the shelves in here.  The cabinet over the washer/dryer area will be painted the dark teal like the bottom kitchen cabinets. (We should be starting that project this weekend.)
Emily captured the guys working on the kitchen cupboard doors outside.
They applied liquid sandpaper so we could get a new coat of white enamel on them.
I don't think they've even begun painting all the drawers.
Luckily Jared showed up to hang fixtures and fans.  Rocky needs a little attention from any new person before they can begin their work.
Fan from the living room was moved into office.
A new fan (with remote) was purchased for the living room.
Ahh...the rest of the drawers are still in the house. I think we'll need two more weekends to finish the kitchen .....

As always...till next time,

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