Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 New Things Revisited!

As you may remember, I blogged about the 12 New Things challenge from Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.

My list was to learn Dream Weaver in August...however my "teacher" has been on a mission trip to Uganda and we have had to set our first class for September 1st.  SO...I'll have to re-arrange my list and move Dream Weaver to September. 

I don't want to drop anything from my list, so I'm swapping the Bible Study (in September) with the Dream Weaver of August.  There may be other adjustments husband is already wondering which "power tool" I want to learn to use.  He would have me out in the garage right now, but it's been 105 degrees everyday, and I'd just as soon learn something inside right now!

I have joined a new small group and we are studying the Parables of Jesus...taking turns leading a discussion on each of Jesus' 40 Parables.  So far there has been great discussion from a very diverse group of people!

Here is my amended list:

August - Join a Bible Study on a Topic I have not studied 

September - Learn Dream Weaver
October - memorize a book of the Bible (I have a friend who does this)
November - learn to make bread from scratch
December -learn to make homemade fudge
January - Learn to play the Guitar
February - Learn more about photography
March - Learn to stamp silver
April - Take an art class to learn a new technique
May - Lean how to use a "power tool" I've never used before
June - Learn to make cheese
July - learn more about how to can vegetables

I'll keep you posted.  I've already looked into classes for the guitar and have been looking for an art class I can take online! I'm narrowing down which book of the Bible to memorize for October!  That one may take me more than one month...but I'll be starting...and (hopefully) finishing strong!

Exciting times ahead!

till tomorrow,

1 Cowgurls said:

Hollace said...

So proud of you for making your list, checking it twice and being flexible but continuing on with your goals.

I worked in the basement for 2 hours today, and took a car full of stuff to a garage sale. Big progress for me!